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12 Reasons Your Dog Is Whining


October 13, 2016 2:38 PM


why dogs whine
You may have no problem when it comes to your little puppy whining but you will likely do if the whining comes from your adult dog.

  1. Anxiety. In this case, you might need to do something as simple as letting the dog outdoor. It can be due to changes in environment such as a new home, a new pet or baby. Dogs who are in distress or are experiencing anxiety typically whine to alert their fellow pack members that something is wrong. Separation anxiety is a classic cause of whining.
  2. Needs something. Your dog may start whining if they�re looking for you to give them something.
  3. Security consciousness. Your dog wants to protect you from the new pizza guy or letter carrier
  4. Frustration.
  5. Appeasement. Some dogs whine and take a submissive posture when interacting with other dogs and with people.
  6. Happiness. Yes, your furry is so happy to see you return home.
  7. Being uncomfortable. Usually as a result of injury or joint issues.
  8. Hunger.
  9. Boredom.
  10. Scared of something like thunder.
  11. Pain.
  12. Sickness. Take your dog to the vet when you notice certain abnormal symptoms.


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