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12 Strategies for Dyeing Your Hair

Friday, February 10, 2017 2:43 AM

dyeing your hair

  1. To fade a color that's too dark or too bright, create a paste with one part shampoo, one part powder bleach from a highlighting kit. Comb it through wet hair and rinse out when you start to see the color changing.
  2. When you’re not pulling dye through the ends, use a gloss in a slightly lighter shade to add shine and consistency. Find a similar or slightly lighter shade in a gloss (Redken Shades EQ is the highest quality available at beauty suppliers) and use that instead. This will add the shine, color, and consistency you need without further damaging the ends.
  3. If you’re broke and just need something to carry you for a while, ask your stylist about getting a base break. It lightens or shifts the base one level up so there’s no demarcation or harsh line. It’s a single process and takes about 10 mins.
  4. Blondes should do a moisturizing and nourishing mask treatment at home once a week. Also, blondes should use a silver shampoo once or twice a week.
  5. Don’t streak. Rather than using a goopy salve to protect skin from dye, glide a clear solid lip balm along your hairline. There's nothing worse than ending up with stripes of color on your forehead.
  6. Stick to the roots. If the goal is to cover the gray that's grown in, or to touch up your roots between salon appointments, then just stick to the roots. Many women think that they need to coat all of the hair on their head with color when they really only need to apply color to the roots. Be certain to apply color to roots only. Overlapping the color will cause damage to previously colored hair
  7. Know when you need a pro. If you're changing your color more than two to three shades, trying lowlights, adding highlights to red or brunette hair, or have extremely damaged strands then, trust us, leave it to the pros and book that appointment.
  8. If you’re scared about how your color will turn out, secondary colors are safer. Secondary colors are always safer than primaries. So, teal not blue, coral not red, peach not yellow.
  9. Highlight with a toothbrush. Use a dye kit two shades lighter than your color and paint on highlights with a clean toothbrush or mascara wand. Place them sparingly where the sun would hit — around the hairline and stemming from your part
  10. Look at the swatches and determine the level and shade your natural color is closest to, and then stay within two levels lighter or darker.
  11. Use heat styling tools sparingly and responsibly. Try to blow dry your hair rather than use curling irons or straighteners as there is less direct heat and it causes less damage.
  12. Do not skip the strand test. Resist the temptation to jump right in. If you're trying a new shade, test it on a few trimmed hairs or hidden pieces first, and look at the result before you commit.




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