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12 Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Friday, February 10, 2017 12:42 PM

Find out why pole dancing is good for you.
pole dancing benefit

  1. Increases Your Flexibility: If you are not able to bend and touch your toes, pole dancing may be the solution to improve your flexibility. The warm-ups in your average pole dancing class involves plenty of stretches to reduce tension in the body. Moves like splits and backbends are incorporated into some pole moves that significantly improve the body's flexibility, especially if done consistently, says NineMSN.com. Pole dancers will work their range of motion, balance and coordination.
  2. Can Help During Pregnancy & Childbirth: One of the lesser-known benefits of pole dancing is that this form of training can be beneficial later on in life when you decide to have a child. Pole dancing develops exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, which helps minimize back pain during pregnancy and actually helps you have a smoother and less painful childbirth.
  3. You Will Be Less Stressed Out: One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing is actually related to your psychological and emotional health. When you are stressed, adrenaline starts slowly building up in your body, making you anxious, easily annoyed and depressed. An intense pole dancing session will help you blow out all that adrenaline and cause your body to start producing endorphins, the hormone associated with feelings of euphoria. You will be calmer and happier after a good workout.
  4. Strips Away the Pounds: Pole dancing fitness can contribute to significant weight loss for individuals when combined with other fat burning exercises. In one single class you can burn as many as 250 calories which is the equivalent to a good gym session, says Weightlossresources.co.uk. This new and fun form of fitness encourages ladies to wear their stilettos while they break a sweat and dance because it helps challenge the body. Angela Edwards, owner of PoleLaTeaz, an Atlanta, Georgia dance studio told CNN, "We have women who come in here 40 to 50 pounds overweight and they drop it in about six to eight months and they get great, nice, hourglass curves." Cicely Rogers, has gone down two dress sizes and has lost a total of 20 pounds with the pole dancing fitness class at Edwards' dance studio. "I've lost 20 pounds and I feel awesome," she said.
  5. It can give your social and love life a boost
  6. Boost Your Confidence: Pole dancing fitness can greatly give your confidence a boost because it's an exercise, like any other that releases endorphins - the feel good hormone. The ability to perform moves like a gymnast will make you feel like you could win an Olympic Gold medal, if pole dancing were an Olympic sport. Your new confidence level will make you look healthier, younger, and even more attractive.
  7. Good for the Heart and Blood Flow: Pole dancing is as good for your heart as any form of moderate-to-intense aerobic training, and since all the muscles are being engaged at some point, regular exercise promotes blood flow. This is particularly important for women who live a sedentary lifestyle and spend hours sitting in a chair.
  8. Builds and Tones Muscles: Pole exercises combine weight training for building muscles and toning them. Dancers learn to support their entire body weight with one arm as they build upper body strengthen while using their stomach muscles. Tracy Traskos, instructor of NY Pole, told Shape Magazine, "...most of the exercises we do, like climbing the pole, are a lot tougher than doing biceps curls." The combination of strength training, endurance and flexibility is included in pole dancing all wrapped up into one. Your quadriceps are used to grip the pole and your triceps are used when you're hanging in midair on the pole.
  9. Fall Asleep Much Easily: Resting is just as important for a healthy body as working out and eating the right food. Unfortunately, not many people get enough sleep and most of the time it’s because they just can’t go to sleep. Regular workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the hay.
  10. Motivate You To Work Out More: If a workout feels like a chore and you don’t really see any serious progress or you don’t actually pick up any skills that are applicable in real life, then you will quickly lose motivation. Pole dancing develops a strong body, builds stamina and makes you feel sexy. As your skills improve, you will be motivated to work harder and it is incredibly simple to work on your moves at home – all you need is a pole and some free space.
  11. Upper Body Strength: “Besides empowering the mind, body and soul, the classes build all muscle groups,” says Trina Kadesky, a fitness instructor at Xpose. “Most women are not born with upper body strength, so pole dancing is a small mix of cardio and the rest is strengthening. The best part is knowing you can pull yourself up and get your booty over your head at any time!”
  12. Develop Greater Balance And Kinesthetic Awareness: Kinesthetic awareness is your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you. When you start performing more complex routines, your kinesthetic awareness increases. This means less chance of injuries due to bumping into stuff. Combined with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness allows you to avoid nasty common accidents like slipping, falling, and knocking things over and having them fall on your feet, etc.




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